I’m posting this before trying it out myself because a) I trust the New York Times and b) this might be useful within the next few days. Times food writer Melissa Clark published this incredibly simple recipe for chocolate mousse that has only two ingredients — chocolate and water. And, her video demonstrates how to make what looks like a perfectly luscious, creamy, sweet dessert. I especially like the idea that it came from Herve This, one of the originators of molecular gastronomy. Clark says it was Theis who figured out how to melt really good chocolate into this mousse mixture. (If you’ve ever tried combining water and chocolate, you probably know why it took some research to figure out how to make it work.) Not only does this look reasonably easy, it’s a great solution for anyone who wants to or needs to avoid dairy. And we won’t take points off by Clark’s miscounting of the ingredients: she says it has only one ingredient, chocolate, but I think the water counts, too. Here’s a link to Clark’s video demonstrating how to make this mousse: Non-dairy chocolate mousse – NYTimes.com.

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