Communications Golden HourĀ® Workshops

Get your team ready for whatever communications challenges are ahead with a customized workshop based on the Communications Golden Hour approach. By focusing on what must happen in every situation, your team can address the specifics of each new situation with confidence that they know how to craft the right messages and deliver them effectively – especially when minutes count.

Each workshop is customized to your organization and its specific needs. Major topics can include internal communications, crisis response, key message development, corporate reputation strategy, and presentation or media relations skills.

Here is an example from a workshop that we did for a major city health department that focused on developing key messages in an emergency situation:

What are key messages, how are they used, why are they important 
Examples of key messages in use and best practices 
Crafting relevant key messages – it’s not just the words 
Understanding your audience and who they trust – cultural relevance, language, tone, setting 
Using direct and indirect communications – when someone else may be a more effective spokesperson to get your point across 
“Surround sound” – making sure that your message reaches people from multiple touchpoints 

Practical session 1 – large group  
Scenario developed in consultation with client 
Simple scenario to illustrate rapid message development process and careful word choices under pressure  
Practical session 2 – table-top groups (5 people each)  
Scenario to be developed in consultation with client 
Situation begins with simple emergency response 
Situation unfolds into progressively complex hazard that requires technical, tactical and logistics information to be incorporated into messages both for social media and live briefings  

Bringing it together: Discussion of how Practical Session 2 went, followed by instruction on how to integrate key message concepts into everyday actions. 

“(Doug) pushed participants to think past their immediate responses.”

“I feel much more confident in being able to handle an emergency activation.”

“Interactive and thought-provoking”

“Great workshop”