Another demanding day for attendees of the International Food Bloggers Conference, as each of us was dispatched to one of 25 different Seattle restaurants for special dinners designed to show us some of the area’s great culinary creations.

Hosted by restaurant guide Urbanspoon, the restaurants included virtually every one of Seattle’s most notable tables, including RN74, Ray’s Boathouse, Matt’s in the Market, Sitka & Spruce, Spur Gastropub, and Mamnoon. My group was routed to Wild Ginger, one of the longer-running success stories and one of the few places that took Asian fusion cuisine to fine dining heights.

Watch this video to see some of the outstanding tastes on our plates.

Video montage of Urbanspoon's dinner for bloggers at Wild Ginger restaurant in Seattle, Sep. 21, 2013.

Wild Ginger on Urbanspoon

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