Emergency Preparedness

Hawaii false alarm shows importance of focused emergency planning

The errant missile warning that alarmed people in Hawaii on January 13 showed the importance of emergency planning that includes anticipating possible errors. Apart from other issues with the response, there can be no defending that it took more than 10 minutes after the mistaken wide-area alert for corrective messages to start going out. In…

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Great time to check your personal safety plan

The dangerous weather in much of the United States and a light earthquake near San Francisco are good reminders to check your personal safety plans. Every individual should have emergency supplies ready. You also should think ahead about where you would go and how you would get there if you needed to evacuate. In winter,…

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Do you have a good plan for your personal safety in an emergency?

The firestorm in Southern California highlights the importance of being prepared in case of a sudden emergency. Here are a few things to do now, while you have time. This post focuses on evacuation plans. Know at least two ways out from every room in your home or office. Pre-plan where your family or colleagues…

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