VIDEO: The Changing Brain

Over the summer I had the privilege of working with Scientific American and AARP to produce a series of videos about brain health and the science of how the brain ages. The first of the segments has now been published. This one features Dr. Richard Lipton, professor of neurology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.…

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Share of voice and sentiment in presidential campaign media coverage

With one of the candidates complaining about the “corrupt” and “lying” media on a daily basis and another who has had reporters singularly focused on everything except policy questions, many of us face questions about media bias. While the debate will never end, some facts may make our conversations more productive. The comprehensive media database…

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When political trolls invade your brand reputation 

Doug Levy quoted by DigiDay.com: If your brand gets dragged into something, consider whether it is best to stay out of the picture,” said Doug Levy, chief strategist of Doug Levy Strategic Communications. “Skittles’ statement was definitive and clear enough to separate the brand from the debate over refugee policies. Rarely do companies move so…

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Doug Levy mentioned in book about Yahoo

 Journalist Nicholas Carlson’s book, Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!, includes an account of an interaction between Doug Levy and Jerry Yang, which Carlson says happened in 2000. Here is an excerpt: “By late 2000, tensions were boiling over inside Yahoo. One day, Jerry Yang sat down for an interview with Doug Levy,…

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Photos: 11 great tools to find and use images without copyright infringement

Every blogger knows that images are essential both to better storytelling and attracting an audience, but not every blogger creates their own photographs. This article is intended to help you find and use good images without infringing on another person’s creative property (i.e., stealing.) Photographers are no different from bloggers, authors, software engineers or anyone…

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When Fear Becomes an Unintended Public Health Problem

Here is an analysis that I did for NPR about public health communications lessons from the 2014 Ebola outbreak, and what public health officials need to do differently with Zika or any new outbreaks. The way the public perceives scientific information has changed, and public health officials need to adapt to those changes. https://medium.com/@sfdoug/public-health-communications-lessons-from-ebola-cf857e0c543e#.b4vpsf5cw

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