About Doug Levy

<p style="text-align: center; font-weight: 300; font-size: 19px;">Focused when others scratch their heads</p>
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  • Led communications at two top medical institutions.
  • Expert on emergency communications and planning.
  • Advised top pharma, biotech and tech firms as a senior vice president at one of the world’s top PR firms.
  • Broke scores of major news stories as a Peabody-award winning reporter for USA Today and other news outlets.
  • My consulting clients have included:

    • Academic institutions
    • Pharmaceutical companies
    • Biotechnology companies
    • Technology companies
    • Major consumer brands
    • Top corporations


    I am an active journalist, writing about:
    • health
    • science
    • food
    • wine
    • travel

    From 1993-1999, I was a reporter for USA Today, covering:

    • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration
    • Medical Research, Ethics, and Discovery
    • The Tobacco Industry’s Secret Research
    • Top technology companies including Microsoft, Yahoo, Intel

    I spent 15 years as a broadcaster before joining USA Today. My investigative reporting for the Mutual Broadcasting System/NBC Radio Networks garnered many awards, including a Peabody.

    I Exposed:

    • Secret tobacco industry health research 
    • Mismanagement at celebrity charities
    • Conflicts of interest in medical research
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        More About Doug Levy
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    With a career at the intersection of technology, science, health, policy and ethics, Doug Levy is an expert on corporate and crisis communications, branding and messaging, content strategy, and building or protecting a reputation. His experience as a lawyer, investigative reporter, and public relations consultant gives him the ability to dig deep and recognize important details that others miss. He is known for rapidly spotting potential crises and working with clients to prevent negative impact.

    Doug began his career in Southern California at KCRW public radio. (Read more in this Los Angeles Times profile.) In addition to general assignment news, his focus turned to medical news, leading to roles as medical reporter and then science editor at UPI and health reporter at USA Today during most of the 1990s.

    As a reporter, Doug revealed tobacco industry secret research on cancer and addiction, mismanagement at celebrity-run charities, and conflicts of interest in medicine. This work garnered multiple awards, including a Peabody.

    Doug also uses his nose for news and to scout out interesting regional foods and beverages — and the people behind them. He shares food and wine notes with friends on his blog, WineAndFoodWorld.com

    I am the Chief Strategist for Doug Levy Strategic Communications, a public relations consultancy based in the San Francisco area.

    Previously, I was Chief Communications Officer for Columbia University Medical Center in New York, one of the largest academic medical centers in the United States. I also led communications at the UCSF School of Medicine and ran the Health Newsfeed broadcast news service at Johns Hopkins earlier in my career.
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    Doug Levy is an expert on public communications about complex or scientific issues, crisis and issues management, regulatory matters and public affairs. Active on social media and interactive journalism from its earliest days, Doug has specific experience on social media in emergency communications and issues management. He also has demonstrated how to use digital and multimedia communications to improve communication of science and other complicated topics.

    He held key communications roles at three of the nation’s top medical centers, guided C-level executives and their organizations through complex crises, and established effective ways to tell their stories, protect and build their brands, and improve their public images. Previously, he was an award-winning journalist for USA Today, UPI, National Public Radio, and other media outlets. 

    He has experience preparing Congressional testimony,  working with legal teams on corporate liability or other litigation, and has advised public safety agencies on communications strategies and tactics.

    An active volunteer, Doug is on the executive board of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) 34th Precinct Community Council, working with the police on community relations. He also is active with City Harvest, which pioneered food rescue in 1982 and helps feed the nearly 1.4 million New Yorkers struggling to put meals on their tables. 

    Doug is a member of the National Association of Science Writers, International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the American Bar Association. He is licensed to practice law in Maryland.
    Specialties: Public relations; issues and crisis management; corporate communications strategy; health care policy; clinical research; data analysis; translational science; systems biology; population health; public health; writing and analysis; social media; community relations; law enforcement social media; public safety; privacy; HIPAA; emergency management; wine; food; hospitality; travel.